Women’s Empowerment Conference

Celebrate Mother's Day by attending this powerful conference. Dr. Watlington will be the keynote speaker and it's sure to be a heart-felt event that will nourish the mind, body and spirit.  

Women’s Healing Circle: Taking a Moment to Pause, Process, Pray & Proceed

Teleconference Line

The past several months have been trying for so many of us. We are dealing with two pandemics: COVID19 and racism. We need some sisterhood right about now! During this two-hour virtual healing circle, we are going to lean into the power of sisterhood and take a moment to discuss and practice the 4P's: pause, […]

Understanding Racial Trauma

Racism is associated with a host of psychological consequences, including depression, anxiety, and other serious, sometimes debilitating conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders. During this webinar, Dr. Watlington will discuss the impact that racial trauma has on Black and Brown communities and share strategies that we can use to take care of […]


Too Blessed To Be Stressed: Developing a Stress Management Plan

Are you too blessed to be stressed? Not all stress is bad, but that bad stress can take a toll on our mind, body, and spirit. This webinar will help you understand the difference between "okay" stress and not-so-good stress. You will also be able to develop your own stress management plan. Webinar host:  Tia […]